W.T. Grant Company 510 Schematic

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Manufacturer:W.T. Grant Company
Description:Series A

Schematics Content:

Page 2:

Power Supply.- 105 to 125 volts, DC or 50-60 cycle AC, 30 watts.
Battery: A - 6 volts, 58 ma. B 90 volts, 9 ma.
Frequency Range... 530 to 1650 kc.
Intermediate Freq... 455 kc.
Tuning... Two-gang capacitor.
Antenna.. Built-in loop. Provisions also for external antenna and ground.
Speaker... 5 - inch; P.M.; voice coil impedance 3.2 ohms.
Power Output... 80 milliwatts undistorted, 180 milliwatts maximum.
Sensitivity. 30 microvolts average for 50 - milliwatt output.
Selectivity. 43 kc broad at 1000 times signal at 1000 kc.

Replacement of Dial Pointer Drive Cord
After stringing as shown, tune in station of a known frequency and set pointer at proper position. Apply a drop of glue to secure pointer to string.

Battery Installation

Chassis View, Showing Tube Location


Output meter across 3.2 - ohm output load.
Volume control at maximum for all adjustments.

Align for maximum output. Reduce input as needed to keep output near 0.4 volts.

* If loop is not connected when making this adjustment, substitute a 1 - megohm resistor across the loop leads.
+ For this adjustment chassis should be remounted in cabinet and loop connected. Antenna trimmer can be reached through a hole in the side of the cabinet.

Page 3:

BATTERY REPLACEMENT - Run down batteries are indicated when (1) the volume cannot be brought up to the desired level; (2) the tone of the radio is "mushy" (not clear); or (3) reception fails completely. If you are in doubt as to whether the batteries are faulty, have your radio dealer check them for you.
If the batteries need replacement, get two 45 - volt "B" batteries (size: 31/2" x 21/4" x 41/2") and one 6 - volt battery (size: 256" x 258" x 4").

PILOT LIGHT - If the pilot lamp burns out, the set should not be operated on AC or DC power until a new lamp has been installed. Failure to heed this caution may result in a burned-out 35Z5GT tube.

TUBES - Tubes which have weakened with age may cause poor or erratic reception; therefore have the tubes tested periodically and replace those which are weak. To remove the tubes, first remove the back of the cabinet. Pull the grid caps from the tops of the 1A7GT, IN5GT, and 1H5GT tubes (see Chassis View). Then remove the tube shields where present. When removing a tube, rock it back and forth gently while pulling it out of its socket.
When replacing tubes, grid caps, and shields, refer to the Chassis View illustration to make sure that the replacements are properly made.

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