Zephyr Radio Co. 381-7H Schematic

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Manufacturer:Zephyr Radio Co.

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MODELS 696-6m,ss7-sm


FOR MODELS 581 - 7E and 605 - 7C
'l'here are six push buttons by means ot which six
stations may be selected (See Fig, l). Make a list oi
six stations tuned in regularly. Push the tuning
knob to the right until it clicksI this throws it out oi
engagement with the dicrl drum, thus when the push
buttons are used the tuning knob does not turn, (A
slight tum ot the knob will automatically throw it
back into engagement with the dial drum for manual

tuning.) Fig. i-Front View

Loosen one oi the push buttons by turning the push
button knob counter clockwise a turn or less and
push it in; while holding the button in, tune in a
desired station by means of the station selector
wheel. Tum the selector verv slowly back cmd forth
until the signal is clearest. Now while holding the
push button in, tighten it by turning clockwise. Re-
lease the push button cmd tum the station selector
to one end of the dial: push the timing knob to the
right and then check the button by pushing it in
and it the station is tuned to 'the center of the area
on the dial covered by the station the adjustment

Release the push button and loosen another push
button and repeat the above procedure, doinq this
ior the remaining buttons.

It it is desired to change a button to a different sta-
tion simply loosen the push button and re-set.

Punch the correct station call letter tabs from the
set oi sheets supplied and insert them into the re
cesses under the push buttons.

The dial is now set up ior quick tuning and all that
is necessary is to push the tuning knob to the right
until it clicks and then push the button above the
desired station all the way in and then release.

MODEL msll?l.-


MODEL 581-721
MODEL 605-76

_' MODEL 155-5L
I VOL CON" /wA/rm

MODEL 155- 5L

MODELS 696- 6M, 697-6M

font Dunno/_ J


BAND smnw

(C)John F. Rider, Publisher

Page 2:


g? a: R, *5% 'In sl: All L
g 3,- -y u FOR 0mm DATA '2211
1F PEAK 455 Ks :DZ-*___ Bc osc.- 1550 Kc sw osc.- 18.1 M;
Ba'rraM vllw 0F soc/(57s Juan/N, BG PAD _ 600
wwe cqnpswssn cams/rr 413,941.. N n ?5 45% CONVENTIONAL ALIGN'MENT SEE
25 i333" $21?5 "lim VOILL'AGES: Taken from socket terminals
23 i355 sou cle 6/31wa 'S SH"- h to ground; 20,000 ohms-per-volt meter;
i _ = ' Fon 0mm DATA 76 4, > \ \E
-7IY "a 80 sEE INDEX 'www/1
If" PEAK 455 KC Bc osc.- 1750 Kc sw osc.- 18.1 w
norm wcw af mr :amn- W/l MDDEL 605-70 BC PAD - 600 KC
we cave-asm camclry 443-Nm M ` COWT IONAL ALIGNTMT SEE
ci .as zoo c" Vova; nm' 'I somoa x El: 8mm V: SPECIAL SECTION Vollde VIII
gs? 'i755 71g 3; 6.35" wo :or :guage-review- VOLEAGES; Taken fromfsocket terminals

(C)John F. Rider, Publisher

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