Zephyr Radio Co. S42B(RCA) Schematic

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Manufacturer:Zephyr Radio Co.

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R. C. A. - VICTOR CO., Inc.
Radiola Division
Figure 1-Schematic Diagram of RCA Vwmf comme, 12.43 V -A
These wlzages are :hose abrained wich mm of the usual sez analyzers. The values indicated, therefore, an not necessarily
Tube No. Filnment ca Control \ Filnmenz no Scum Filnment an Phu Pluto Current M. A. ' Fihllwnt Yoltl
Grid Vain Grid Vnlu Volt.:
? E " mn so/no con sensus
Figure 2~|Viring Diagram of RCA Viktor Console, R43

Page 2:

R. C. A. ~ VICTOR CO., lnc_
Radiola Division
RCA Victor Console, R-43 '
The l;CA Victor (goimsole, R-43 is an
eig t tu e screen ' tt ted
Three Radiotrons RCA-232 are used
in the R.F., lst detector and LF. sta es
respectively. Five lladiotrons R618-
23 are used in the Oscillator, 'Znd de-
tector, lst audio and push-pull power
A reference to the RCA Victor
Radiola Superette Service Notes will
give the details of circuit operation up
to and including the second detector.
The audio circuits of the R-43 are how-
ever. considerably different from the
R-7. A discussion of their function
The first audio stage o erates rn the
the grid circuit of the ush pull stage
The output sta e is o the nah ull
ty e, in which t e tubes are nas to
su stantlally plate current cut-0E
The arrangement ls such that the out
ut stage may deliver substantially
our times the output that would he
obtained with the same tubes operated
in the usual circuit, This system.is
very economical due to there being
but a small amount of residual plau:
current Rowing in the output stage.
usual rnanner,' its output heing fed into
Current is drawn only when a
modulated signal is being received.
An extra windjgf, shunted by a
ca aeitor, is ls on the output
trdlnsformer. 'Fha of this eir
cuit ' to provide Ekequen tl
0E fdi- the audio alnriglier. cy cu
A tone control is provided, which
consists of a 0.1 mfd. capacitor and a
50,000 Ohm variable resistor connected
across one half of the secondary of the
input transfonner. This circuit func-
tions to reduce the high frequency
output as the resistance is decreased.
The rmauent magnet d mic
loudspeailir used with this receyitser is
a new development and gives all the
fine quality and life-like reproduction
inherent in this type of reproduces.
The receiver is designed for use with
the new Eveready Aireell "A" battery
which provides a life in excess of 600
ampere hours. The receiver draws
but .48 amqpres, giving approximately
1200 hours 'fe from a single filament
The l te and e I f ll
heavy duty "B" batteries, Due to the
low current drain-8 to 15 M.A.-ex-
eellent life is obtained from this source
A reference to the RCA Victor
Superstte, R-7 Service Notes will give
complete details on R_F., oscillator and
I.F. adjustments as well as the usual
service infomation required with this
type of receiver.
The Eveready Aircell "A" battery
must he kept clean and the lates
covered with water at all times. er-
ation at temperatures of 40 degrees
Fahrenheit or lower is not recom-
mended and if attempted will result in
damage to the battery. Having the
battery idle at this teniperature does
not in any wa aifsct it. it is essential
that an instadation be made where the
receiver is to be operated at 40 degrees
Fahrenheit or less, a single cell storage
battery should be used. ue to the low
current drain, excellent life from one
charging will be obtained.
"B" batteries should he replaced
when their out nt voltage has dropped
25% under loald.
SPBJIAL lW0'!'!?>?0 Material a:l.t1'd.n border very important information
2875 K,mb__smi_m _ommn mm mum, W _,mms Wh nut ..,................. __ . .....,, . ......,..,. 1.70
2957 Capacitor-10 Mrs.-Elmmlyne type. ........... 5.00 7263 T Pm; """' '*';??| fad "";'?"'"' '"'?;"~ >> ' > -<->>-# 5'0"
zssa S>>?ket~uX Rsdintrnn mm complete with mmm- "I" ?"%'?;j_.'\d "??*'"' *G* '""' """?*'-49 ?"*' 3 oo
is; .Linn-z hole amines;-s ima. ,.... _ , ,_ . _ .50 lm? "" ' '? "' "'?"""'*? '?"'1'- - ;~---~~ ~
_ 2999 sian-oi.; any. .Inu-cemplm with mounting '?"' """"""""' " ""' " """""" " '
ms... ...a net \...|.s.>>. .__,,,....,_..,....,.,. .so
sooo sen..-m.| am.. and .sus sampler. wan. .er sem.. _50 BEPRUDUCER ASSEMBLY
aoaz Soeket>>UX nsdinuun .oem complete vm, is...|.t. H559 Rin:-G-we m-mms mu ....................... .50
in; shield-three lmle meuminr = and ...,...,. .50 0601 c.m.>>Repr-ul-?-r ww wmnhw with voice wil-
soas Resistor-1 megohm-cnim typ x>.f.k.|. of s ,. 2.00 Package or s. ..,,.._._,_,,.,..._______,.,,..,. 15.00
nos Rennes-29,000 ohm- "num type- aekaga efs 2.50
son anim..-650 ohm.-cmm type-Pwr." of s. _ z_so CABIN" ASSEMBLY
was suse...-350,000 o|.....-calm ?yp.~l>.?k.|?..|s z.s0 3020 E>>e-neliess-swans selector eseutehson complete
3039 ns>>im..-z1o,o0oohm>>-c.>>b?styp.-P.?k.|ee|s z_so with mm-nlinr Mew .4... . ...-->><--...--..>>.>>.. -00
3040 c.p.ei>>.-,oozs Mrs.-rum type ,.._ ,___ _,_,__ _ 5 0 asus Grille-Lens .1-ine emu, _ ._ __....,...,_.__._,_,.. 2.00
3041 asus-cipsum ma ren-mr manner bona- asa: am.:-s.m~ board wmpkw wid- will-= #I->=h --d
un minor and e.p.eim>>._ ......,......,., :., .so boils rms- -----~~-.>>--<- - ~~--->>---.- >> _ - - - - - -- 1-50
/~._ 3042 Capacitor--0.1 Mrs.-Psp" type ............._.. .70 9683 P0>>=-R-H- From wr -<-->>~-~-->><-~-->>~-~->>- --->> 3-00
f 3043 l\e|i|r?n>>c\.a ohm>>~Win wound ....,.,..,..,_.. _sn B604 l'w-R-H- Bwk pw- -.-- -- ..~-..- -- 3-00
3044 a..a.?.,.-4000 ohm.-cm..." type-r.?|n|e of s. 2.50 8685 Pon~l--B- From we .--- - - 3-00
suse swieeh-1.00.1 dino.: when ....., .,. .,,........ _so 8688 Ton-Cabinet wp .-....- .- ....-...--- -- 6-S0
3087 switch-opeuriu switch. ..........,.,..,..,,., 1.60 B689 Foot*-Cabins! fool .... ..... ..-............ . _ .60
aoas Kms-opemasg .wares ..r1..?.|ai>>?.m .wares knob B600 P--=l~C?-"nl pm-I .----- . ........--..-.... . . 5.00
-Package of 5. . , .... ...... .... ......... .... _ . 5 0 9355 C-hinetfCahinet eomplete len all equipment . _ _ , 47.50

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