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Project: 1950 Chevy Radio 986388

Repair a 1950 Chevrolet radio - push button - model 986388

Project Items:
DescriptionSKUItem IDQtyPriceSubtotalOperations
Capacitor - CE Mfg., 450V, 20/20/20µF, ElectrolyticC-EC20X3-4500108091$37.75$37.75
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Vibrator - 4 Pin, for automobile radio
  • Voltage: Negative, 6 Volt
P-V1015N0056241Invalid Option
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Insulator - 4 Section, for FP CapS-H1200041061$1.95$1.95
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Capacitor Clamp - 1.375" DiameterS-H1220041101$1.75$1.75
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Vacuum Tube - 0Z4-A, Rectifier, Full Wave, GasT-0Z4-A0058341$3.90$3.90
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Vacuum Tube - 6V6GT, Tung-Sol Reissue
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