Project: 6w compact ultra

by ultra.violent.powerpuff

Project Items:
DescriptionSKUItem IDQtyPriceSubtotalOperations
Capacitor - 400V, Metal Film, ± 10%
  • Capacitance: .47 µF
C-TD47-4000049661$0.69$0.69 Add to Cart
Chassis Box - Hammond, Aluminum, 13.5" x 5" x 2"P-H1444-180023871$17.05$17.05 Add to Cart
Foot - Rubber, 3/8" height x 15/16" diameterP-H2530024621$3.75$3.75 Add to Cart
Knob - Chicken Head, mini, high-quality, brass insert, Set Screw
  • Color: Black
P-K9000094726$0.79$4.74 Add to Cart
Diode - General purpose rectifier, 1A, 1N400X
  • Peak Reverse Voltage (V<sub>RRM</sub>): 1000 V
P-Q1N40070032023$0.15$0.45 Add to Cart
Receptacle - AC, Mates with S-W123 & S-W124 with Fuse HolderP-SP2-5000033271$1.85$1.85 Add to Cart
Transformer - Hammond, Universal Push-Pull
  • Audio Power / Max D.C. Bias: 15 W / 80 mA
P-T125E0034261$42.61$42.61 Add to Cart
Transformer - Output, 8 W, 4kΩ - 9kΩ impedanceP-T2910035581$21.39$21.39 Add to Cart
Transformer - Output, Replacement for Blues Junior, 15 WP-TF499690036071$25.15$25.15 Add to Cart
Potentiometer - Alpha, Audio, Solid Shaft, 16mm
  • Resistance: 1 MΩ
R-VAM1MA-SS0096071$1.30$1.30 Add to Cart
Potentiometer - Alpha, Audio, Solid Shaft, 16mm
  • Resistance: 500 kΩ
R-VAM500KA-SS0096072$1.25$2.50 Add to Cart
Screw - #6 x 3/4", Pan Head, Stainless SteelS-H1010040981$2.40$2.40 Add to Cart
Screw - 10-32, Phillips, Flat Head, Machine, stainless steelS-HS1032-1F0042241$1.50$1.50 Add to Cart
Cord - Power, 18 AWG, 3 Conductor, Detachable, Black, IEC
  • Length: 8 feet
S-W1230043541$4.95$4.95 Add to Cart
Vacuum Tube - 6CA4 / EZ81, JJ ElectronicsT-6CA4-JJ0046571$12.50$12.50 Add to Cart
1/4" Jack - Switchcraft, Mono, shunt tip
  • Bushing Length: Standard (0.275")
W-SC-12A0049133$2.40$7.20 Add to Cart
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